This can be confusing, so please do not worry! If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know. When in doubt, DO NOT BUY. Please ask! It's better to not have something, than to waste money on the wrong thing.

There are a lot parts to the uniform, but the only thing we really need is the shirt. A belt is useful as many recognition devices go on the belt. Pants, hats, etc., are really terrific and are indeed encouraged, but the cost does add up. Please let me know if this proves to be a difficulty.

The file attached below has badge placement information.

The BSA has a uniform website. This can be instructive to see the uniform parts:


Uniforms can be purchased online, Zepplin Hobbies, from the shop in Oakland, Cedar Knolls, or NYC.

Online: Scoutstuff:


Oakland Scout Shop:


25 Ramp Valley Rd

Oakland, NJ 07436

(201) 651-9743

Patriots Path Scout Shop:


1 Saddle Road

Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

(973) 765 9322 Ext. 233

Zeppelin Hobbies


1530 Route 23

Wayne, NJ 07470

(973) 872-0400

Most scout shops have Saturday hours, and some evening hours.

Zeppelin Hobbies has Sunday hours.

See their websites for up to date information and phone numbers.

Couple of points:

  • The blue shirt is for 1st - 3rd grade (Tigers, Wolves, Bears). Buy a larger size. The boys grow, and wan this to last a few years. These shirts cost around $25.00

  • The khaki shirt is for 4th - 5th grade (Webelos). These shirts cost around $35.00 - $40.00. Webelos should also get blue shoulder loops.

  • Do NOT buy, Neckerchief, Slide or Handbook. We will present them at an upcoming meeting

There are a few patches that you should get.

  • Council Strip (We are the Northern New Jersey Council, the scout shop will have some from surrounding councils)

  • World Crest Badge

  • Red Number 2

  • Den Number:

    • First Grade (Tigers) “Den 3”

    • Second Grade (Wolves) “Den 4”

    • Third Grade (Bears) “Den 5”

  • Webelos in 4th - 5th grade do not wear a den number. They will select a patrol name.